Hoyt Prevail Elite FX SVX

Hoyt Prevail Elite FX SVX

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Purpose built to help you prevail.

Key features:

  • Complete set of modules included so all drawlengths can be made for the cam size!
  • Brand new, performance enhancing geometry.
  • Cams optimised for speed and performance by draw length.
  • Compact 35" axle to axle length.
  • Hard lock pocket and stabilizer systems that prevent movement and keep critical connections secure.
  • Hard hitting SVX cam for high performance shooting.
  • Cam offers a rock solid back wall that can be customised to your preferred feel with adjustable peg.
  • Modular grip system offers interchangeable grips for fine tuning grip pressure and give the perfect hold.
  • Adjustable cable guard position to shrink groups and neutralise torque.
  • Great range of classic Hoyt colour options.  

If you require a weight specification that is not displayed, feel free to CONTACT US!

Technical specifications:

Material: Aluminium
Axle to Axle: 35"
Bracing Height: 6.5"
Mass Weight: 4.7lbs
Let off: 65%
Draw length options:  Cam 1: 23"-25" Cam 2: 25.5"-26.5" Cam 3: 27"-28" Cam 4: 28.5-29.5 Cam 5: 30-30.5 
Speed rating:  327fps (ATA)
Cam:  SVX (5 sizes)
Limb:  XT2000
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