Wooden Bow Package

Wooden Bow Package

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This excellent hardwood riser with laminated limbs is an ideal bow to get you started in the sport of archery. These bows are ideal as a "Garden Bow" and are perfect for club use as initial training bows.

The package contains everything to start in archery.

Available in the following specifications;

54”: from 10 to 24#
58”: from 10 to 24#
62”: from 10 to 26#
64”: from 10 to 36#
64”: from 14 to 36#
66”: from 16 to 36#
68”: from 14 to 38#
70”: from 16 to 40#

SF Optimo + Package
SF Optimo + Riser with Optimo +  limbs
Dacron String
Super Arrow Rest
Cartel EX Sight
Avalon Arm Guard
Leather Finger Tab
Bow Stringer
Avalon A2 Quiver
8 Easton Jazz/Blues Arrows
Fivics Roll Case A3 Recurve Carry Case with Arrows Tube


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