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Beaver Puffs - Buck Trail

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Buck Trail Beaver Puffs

These "Beaver" silencers are quite simple to fit.

The closer the puffs are to the centre the more effect they will have in reducing the sound of the bow but will make the bow slower.  We recommend that the puffs are placed around 10" to 14" from the loop tips as a start position but the final position depends on the balance between the archer and the bow.

  1. Open the strings with an equal number of stands on each side.
  2. Slip the "fur" through the separated string
  3. Wrap the "fur" around the string
  4. Separate the strings equally once again
  5. Insert the end of the "fur" into the separated string
  6. Shape the puffs as required.  The more they are shot the more spherical they will become


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1 - 1 of 19 results