Acu Lok Econo (ABS)

Acu Lok Econo (ABS)

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You can now stop people pulling your bow back and damaging it or injuring themselves.

The Acu-Lok Archery Safety Lock is an absolute must for piece of mind!

Some people have no morals, some just don't know any better but time and again we've seen bows drawn back without the owners consent. This is not only bad manners but could also result in your bow being dry fired.

It's not just other archers who could cause damage to your bow, you may have growing children who are starting to get curious about your hobby. How do you stop them from trying to draw your bow. You've told them not to, you've also told them a bow should always have an arrow nocked before it's drawn, will they listen? Maybe not!

Many of today's bows have very aggressive cams and can easily rip the string out or your hands when trying to come down from full draw.

Have you ever been discussing your bow and have handed it over to someone so they can get a feel for it only for them to grab hold of the string and draw it up, no arrow! no asking about draw length! no asking what the draw weight is!

By using an Acu-Lok Archery Safety Lock on your bow you decide when it can be drawn back. At a tournament you can fit your Acu-Lok and leave your bow safe in the knowledge that no one is going to draw and accidentally dry fire it while you are not there.

- Is made from strong, hard wearing durable plastic
- Is bright Orange so is highly visible
- Uses a generic 'key' so more than one club member can have a key
- Is more affordable for clubs/retailers that require several Acu-Loks

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