Beiter Distance Holder

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The Beiter Distance Holder is a tool to separate string and cable of a Compound Bow, to allow or simplify specific works to be done, such as re-serving a string or cable or fixing a nocking point or peep sight.


The Beiter Distance Holder can be used in different ways:


  • ,
  • inserted in the cable-guard, if you have to serve in the area of the cable-guard itself.
  • ,
  • with 2 or 3 installed DH-Plugs, Plugs for Distance Holder, you can use the Beiter Distance Holder directly between string and cables: the plugs will than be a sort of rolls to better slide on the cables!!
  • ,
  • with 4 installed DH-Plugs, 2 per each side, for shoot-through cable systems.


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