Bohning Air Vanes 2" (100 pack)

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This product is for a pack of 100 Air Vanes.

For a pack of 12 click HERE.

Low profile plastic vane from Bohning, developed by archers Dominique Genet and PJ Deloche

Key features:

  • Made from Bohning's Blazer material, known for its superior durability.
  • Specifically designed with field archery in mind - ideal for long distance shooting with lighter shafts.
  • 2" length makes it possible to fletch with an up to three degree offset, even on small diameter shafts.
  • Takes the brilliant low-profile of the ice vane with an X-Vane inspired tail, combining the best of both.
  • Already coated with Bohning's primer, which is designed to react with glues for a super secure fit.
  • Good range of colours available.

Technical specifications:

Material: Plastic 
Shape: Parabolic
Length: 2"
Height: 0.3"
Weight: 4.5 grains

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