A/C/E's barrelled design translates into superb performance for 3D, field, and target competitors

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Here at CBA we offer the option to upgrade your fletching at the time of ordering.

Simply choose from the options on the left to select the fletchings you require.  Each upgrade option will replace the standard EP Vanes with 36 of the fletchings of your choice.  If you have selected XS Wing, Spin Wing or Griffin Vanes the extra vanes and packaging will be included.


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When ordering your arrows is it possible to upgrade your standard stainless steel break off piles to either 

Easton Tungsten points for X10 Arrows


Easton Insert and Bulge points for ACE or Pro Comp Arrows

We will always install the full weight pile for the X10 Arrows or the reccomend combination for the ACE/Pro Comp arrows unless otherwise stated.

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