A/C/E Shafts x 12

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A/C/E's barreled design translates into superb performance for 3D, field, and target competitors.

  • Straightness: +/- .0015" Guaranteed max
  • High-strength carbon fiber bonded to a precision 7075 aerospace alloy core tube
  • Weight tolerance: +/- 0.5 grains
  • Polished black carbon finish


* Because of the pronounced barrel shape of the A/C/E, Easton recommends that they are cut to no shorter than the specified minimum arrow length when cut solely from the point end.

Sold in 12s

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We dispatch your arrows shafts at full length unless otherwise requested in the comments box..
,,,Our A/C/E shafts are measured using Nitro "G" nocks as required.
(Nocks Not Included)




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