Flex Multiflex

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Multi Flex is more than a tool. Is the indispensable tool.

It´s more than a fistmele and tiller gauge. MultiFlex is a sturdy tool that can be use as a nock wrench,

More : MultiFlex extreme is a useful tool for operate with peep on the string, and comes with cm (installed) and inches.

A point where we focus a lot effort is clipping the string. Our MultiFlex is the most friendly of all existing tools. The special plastic used on the well known Flex-Lebrunet armguard, with a combination of strength and flexibility and rounded corners will not damage your string or serving.

MultiFlex is made with a very resist plastic - fibre reinforced with a specific combination of hardness and lightness and is available in a full range of eye-catch colours for please every archer.

Colour May Vary

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