Sense & Feel Wax

Sense & Feel Wax

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With Sense & Feel Wax you can protect, feel and sense your bowstring. This wax is suitable for use on recurve, traditional and compound bowstrings, and not only does it protect your string- it also gives a nice smell.

Original palette of fragrance and colours is as follows:

WHITE , white wax with not odor
TROPICAL, white wax - like coco
SUN , yellow wax - like lemon
BERRY, pink wax , fruity
ENERGY, red wax , like spring flowers
VITAMIN , orange wax , like sweet oranges
FOREST, black wax , like forest
OCEAN, blue wax , like the sea fresh
Now with several NEW scent options:
SWEET - white wax with sugary fragrance
APPLE - white wax with apple fragrance
GUM - white wax with fruity bubblegum fragrance
Please note that availability of each fragrance may vary.  If your selected fragrance is not available we will contact you to advise of the nearest alternative before dispatching your order.

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