Feather Tracer (Fluffies)

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Arrow tracers are meant to give you increased downrange visibility. They also double as an effective wind check! (We include this added benefit free of charge) With today's high speed bows and faster arrows seeing where your arrows go is an advantage. These bright colours will help you track your arrows in flight and if you ever miss your target will aid you in finding your lost arrow.Tracers are easy to install and come in 12 count packages.

Tracers will not affect arrow flight when installed and waterproofed correctly.

To install tracers place your arrow under your arm with the fletching facing in front of you. Dab glue around the arrow between the fletching and the nock, best results are closest to the fletchings, then place the "skin" of the tracer in the bed of glue and slowly turn the arrow shaft while holding the tracer tight. The skin of the tracer will lay down into the glue bed as you turn the arrow shaft. Waterproof the tracer, gently, when the glue has dried.

12 Per Pack


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Buck Trail Die Cut Feathers - 5 inch 24 pack Buck Trail Die Cut Feathers - 5 inch 24 pack
£9.45 *
Gateway Solid Colour Feathers - 4" Parabolic Gateway Solid Colour Feathers - 4" Parabolic
£4.56 *
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