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The AROJAC allows you to safely pull any arrow, anytime, anywhere! The AROJAC was designed to pull arrows from 3-D targets. The AROJAC grips the arrow shaft with its self gripping jaws, while the lever handle is rotated backwards causing the jaws to move away from the target, thus pulling the arrow out of the target with each stroke of the handle.

* Easy to pull from new targets or cold 3-D targets.

* Great for kids and women. Now they can safely and easily pull their own arrows.

* The AROJAC eliminates the need to hand twist arrows to break the bond from the target, reducing the stress on carbon arrow shafts.

* Can even pull arrows out of wood. (Please do not intentionally shoot an arrow into a tree, the impact will likely damage the arrow.)


IMPORTANT: Arrows can be damaged in many ways from hitting other arrows or hard surfaces within a target, to components coming loose in the shooting or pulling process. NEVER SHOOT AN ARROW THAT MAY HAVE BEEN DAMAGED OR HAS MISSING OR DAMAGED PARTS!

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