Dual Cam Bow - Full Set

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How to Choose Your Ideal String:

This product is for bows with single cam and utilises a 3 piece system IE; 1 single string and 2 single cables.

  1. Choose your Colours
  2. Tell us About Your Bow In The Comments Box During Checkout


If you aren't sure, you're welcome to contact us to check which product is right for you.



Step One – Choose your material

All of our compound strings are made from BCY X-99.  This is the newest string material available from BCY, it has all the benefits of BCY-X material in terms of performance, with a patented construction method. 

If you have a requirement for a non-standard material please CONTACT US to see what is available.


Step Two – Choose your colours

You’ll see the colour selection for your chosen material in the drop down menu.   If you want a two-tone string, then choose the second option and add your second colour to the comments box. 

If you experience any problems with the comments box, then as long as you have chosen the two-tone option, our team will contact you before we process your order to check your second colour choice


Step Three – Tell us About Your Bow

There is no standard length for a compound string, so we will need to know about your bow to make your string the right length for you.  We’ve included a spec sheet below for you to use to do this, and some more detailed instructions.



Download Spec sheet and Instructions below.



If you need Adobe Reader you can find it HERE.


Step Four - Other Info: SERVINGS, ETC:

Our compound strings are served as standard for Large Groove nocks.  Please note string loops are served on strings or cables unless requested.  You can add a note to your spec sheet if you don't want us to add this feature for you, or email us your requirements quoting your order number, and we will match it up.

We use black material for the centre and serving through the cams.  We can customise this for you if you wish, but you may need to bear in mind  that if you are having a bright two tone string that quite a lot of the string can be covered by the servings if you make them all black.  You can add your custom requirements to the comments box.  You are welcome to contact us to discuss them in advance of placing an order.

Please also tell us about any other tailoring that you require, such as serving through the cable slider.

We will supply the speed nocks (upto the manufacturer's recommended quantity) for your system for you to install, along with suitable heat shrink. Please add the quantity required in the comments box or on your String Spec Sheet.


Technical information on Strings and String Materials:

All Nitro strings are made using a pre-stretching process that allows us to pre-twist the string to length and then apply the serving whilst the string is under approximately 300lb of tension.  This process virtually eliminates any stretch or “settling in” period, giving increased speed and performance to your shooting.



  • All the benefits and performance of BCY-X.  Available in solid colours.
  • No Creep
  • Good Arrow Speed
  • Low fuzziness
  • High abrasion resistance
  • 80% SK99 Highest Quality Dyneema - 20% Vectran - Patented Construction.


Additional product information

Colour 1 Black
Colour 2 One Colour Only

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