Spectra 652 One Colour Recurve String

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Spectra 652 (The same as Fastflight) is one of the most popular recurve string materials.  It's manufactured from Dyneema, which gives minimal creep, superior strength and durability. .015 diameter.

All of our Spectra 652 strings are made with 18 strands, top and bottom served with BCY2X serving and with BCY 62XS centre serving.  For this product, you can select between either Black or White for your colour of string.  You can also get a two-tone Black and White Fast Flight string, if you look HERE.

We’ve given you some popular bow lengths to choose from straight away.  If you have a bow length other than these, then choose the custom option and let us know the size of your bow in the comments box.  We’ve included a table below to help you identify the bow length that you need for various combinations of risers and limbs.

Differences between bow sizes across manufacturers can affect the fit of your string.  If you want to achieve a particular brace height, then this can also affect the length of string that you need. 

As a guideline for you, you can find our basic string lengths on the Nitro Strings website, which you can find HERE.  Alternatively, if you know the actual string length that you want, including any adjustments that you have added through twists, then add this to the comments box and we will set out to match it.  If you do this, make sure that you use the term ACTUAL LENGTH next to your measurement so that it’s clear what information you are giving us.

The best way to make sure that you get your best possible string fit, is to give us an actual length of a string that already works for you.  If you don’t know this, tell us the make and model of BOTH your riser AND your limbs in the comments box.  We can then make the relevant adjustments to our standard length, if they are needed, to put you in a good place for you to start finding your perfect set-up.

If there is anything that you think might be relevant to your string length, feel free to add it to the comments box, it’s better to include too much than miss something out.  You are welcome to contact us by email if you have any queries, or if you want to send any extra information.

Reference Table:

Please Note: - The lengths specified below are for the bow length and NOT the absolute string length. When ordering your string and putting information in the comments box, please be clear if you are telling us the BOW LENGTH, or giving us an ACTUAL length.

Different manufacturers use differing naming conventions for their limbs, most use the length of the limb, 66, 68 or 70, while a few manufacturers use either a Short, Medium or Long designation. The total length of your bow can usually be found on the rear of the limb where the limb attaches to the riser.




  Short 66"

  Medium 68"

  Long 70"



 64" Bow

 66" Bow

 68" Bow



66" Bow

68" Bow

70" Bow



68" Bow

70" Bow

72" bow





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