Nitro Traditional - Dacron

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Nitro Custom Dacron strings are mostly used for wooden handled field bows.


  • The lengths specified in the drop down boxes are for the BOW LENGTH and NOT FINISHED STRING LENGTH.  When ordering your string via the menu please order for your BOW LENGTH.
  • If you require a custom length string simply add your FINISHED STRING LENGTH to the comments box on checking out.


  • Simply remove your string from your bow and "flatten" the loops.  Then measure the length of the bowstring from the outside tips of the string loops, this is the size we will try and match for your finished custom string so, measure twice. 
  • If you require the loops to be of a certain size or the servings to be in specific please add this to your lengths in the comments box when checking out.  Alternatively, take your complete set of measurements and specifications and give us a call.

Custom Recurve/Longbow String Measurement Guide



Please Note: - The lengths specified in the drop down box are for the bow length and NOT the absolute string length. When ordering your string, please order your BOW LENGTH ONLY.

If the length you require in not possible to select then please indicate the bow length in the comments box.

If you prefer, you can also give us the actual string length that you want us to try and match, just tell us in the comments box note that you are giving us the actual length.

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