Nikon Arrow id3000 Rangefinder

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The Nikon(R) Arrow ID 3000 ™ Laser Rangefinder is an extremely accurate and versatile tool made with archers in mind. With an effective range from 6–550 yards, displayed in 1-yard increments, the Arrow ID 3000 gets you on target with precision, speed and consistency. Tru-Target Technology™ allows you to switch between Distant Target Priority mode and First Target Priority mode depending on environmental conditions. Distant Target Priority mode is useful in heavily wooded areas where the target may be partly obscured by brush and tree branches. First Target Priority mode measures the distance of the closest subject when there's an overlapping background. Nikon's ID (Incline/Decline) Technology allows the horizontal distance display mode and actual distance display mode to be easily switched according to variations in elevation or terrain. A 4 power monocular optics features multilayer coatings for bright, clear images while offering invaluable field-of-view to easily locate and range targets quickly. The rainproof housing endures hardcore hunting adventures. The Nikon Arrow ID 3000 Laser Rangefinder is lightweight and pocket-sized, and includes a neoprene case and a shoulder strap to give bow hunters options to carry it where it's quickly accessible. Runs on one CR2 lithium battery (included).

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