Oak Ridge Woodland-Meadow T-D hunting bow

Oak Ridge Woodland-Meadow T-D hunting bow

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Oakridge is offering the ideal solution for all instinctive archers who want to push their boundaries.Using the finest exotic woods and fibreglass, Oakridge will surprise you in all facets.

The Woodland Complete bow is a take-down hunting bow with a riser crafted from Bintangor wood with a traditional style arrow shelf, perfectly matched with maple limbs with clear fibreglass laminations.  This bow is offered with a Buck Trail Traditional string.


Direction: RH or LH

- Size bow: 60"

- Weights: 30lb, 35lb, 40lb, 45lb, 50lb

- Brace heigth: 8"

- Size riser:18"

- Limb fit - own (bolt on)

- Shelf/plate rest incl.

- Wood specs riser.: Bintangor

- Wood specs limbs: Maple w/ clear fibreglass

- String: This product is offered with a traditional Buck trail Flemish twist Dacron string.


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