Pine Ridge Archery Kwik Bowstand

Pine Ridge Archery Kwik Bowstand

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Compound bowstand from Pine Ridge.


Key features:

  • Highly adjustable design for the perfect fit on almost any compound bow - whatever the limb design.
  • Improved fit means your bow is less likely to fall or be damaged.
  • Non-marking jaws protect limbs from scratches.
  • Compact design with a range of colours available.
  • Legs adjust from 4.25" to 6" for best clearance and stability.
  • Jaws adjust from 1.28" to 3.14" to fit different types of limb design.
  • Range of attractive colour options available.

PLEASE NOTE:  The jaws have been made from a high hardness rubber, and are designed to be non-marking.  However the surface of the material is not as yielding as many items normally described as being made of rubber.  If you have any queries about this issue you are welcome to email us.

You can view a suport demo for this product HERE

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