Kinetic Vygo Barebow Package

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Kinetic Vygo Barebow Package - Our Barebow packages offer the archer the next step into competitive archery.

By utilising quality limbs the archer will immediately notice a smoother draw force curve and a more forgiving and stable shooting experience.


Package Details*

  • Your Choice of Riser
  • ILF Limbs
  • Avalon Wrap Around Arrow Rest
  • Arm guard
  • Bow Stringer
  • Avalon 3-tube Quiver with Belt (click on link for colour options)
  • Avalon Classic Rucksack (click on link for colour options)
  • Nitro String (click on link for colour options)
  • 8 Easton Black Jazz Arrows
  • Pressure Button
  • Avalon Barebow Finger Tab
  • Finger Sling
  • Bow Stand

*Contents subject to change without prior warning.


Limb Weights  
Short 66"   14-40lbs
Medium 68"  16-44lbs
Long 70" 18-38lbs



When Checking Out don't forget to enter the following information in the Comments box;

Your Limb Weight, Poundage or Pull
(This is always specified in Lbs and increase in 2lbs increments, your club coach should be able to recommend a draw weight for you)

Your Draw Length measured to the furthest point of the riser away from your drawing hand
(This can be measured at your club and is usually a little shorter than your arrow length.)

Your Arrow Spine. Alternatively, if you know the specification of arrow please enter the spine
(You may have been told the spine of arrow you require by your club coach, if not don't worry, we can calculate it for you.)

Your Arrow Length measured from the bottom of the nock slot to the end of the shaft.
(This is usually a little longer than your draw length to allow for growth and changes in your technique.)

Your preferred Nock and Fletching Colours for your arrows.
(Most people have a 1 vane of one colour and 2 vanes of the second colour so that it is easy to identify which way the arrow fits to the string.)


Please cut and paste the following into the comments box:

Limb Weight                  Lbs
Draw Length                 Inches
Arrow Spine
Arrow Length                Inches
Cock Vane Colour
Hen Vanes Colour
Nock Colour

Limb Weights  
Short 66"   14-40lbs
Medium 68"  16-44lbs
Long 70" 18-40lbs


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