Shibuya Scope

Shibuya Scope


For almost 40 years, Shibuya has been the top choice of successful target archers around the globe demanding
precision, well designed and expertly crafted archery equipment. At last, Shibuya introduces the perfect companion for its highly successful Ultima CP sight: The Shibuya 29mm Scope.


By combining a magnesium alloy scope housing with an industrial strength Titanium alloy 10-32 threaded stud, this item weighs only 21grams (0.75oz) as a complete set – up to 30% less than comparable scopes with aluminum housings! By lightening the mass weight of the scope, shock and moment affecting the sight's windage unit are significantly reduced, thus ensuring secure and repeatable settings.

Shibuya 29mm Scope Set contents:

. Magnesium Scope Housing

. Lenses available as Feather Vision (0.5 / 0.75) or Feather Vision Plus (0.37 / 0.75 / 1.0)

. Aluminum Lens Retainer Ring – available in anodized black, silver, blue, red, gold

. Buffed, Non-glare Level vial – available in yellow only

. 0-32 x 20mm Titanium alloy stud

. 10-32 x 64mm Stainless Steel Rod and hex nut

. Shibuya Dual-Color Dot Package w/ adhesive centering matrix

. Shibuya Scope Cover (Splashproof)

Please Note: Black ring in stock other colours to special order.

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