Shibuya CPX Carbon

Shibuya CPX Carbon

This Carbon CPX sight from Shibuya has a number of new features including;


Tri-LOCK SYSTEM - Ultima CPX's scope rod is threaded through the windage block, offering an unprecedented level of stability and ruggedness, while preserving the outstanding light weight of the Ultima Series! The "innovative new Tri-Lock system encompasses the entire windage slider from three sides, keeping it perfectly aligned and without play to produce a rattle-free zero-tolerance environment.


KEEPING THE SCOPE ROD CLOSE T0 THE ELEVATION RAIL - THE KEY TO STABILITY - Shibuya/s innovative Tria-Lock system keeps the scope rod approx. 1/2" closer to the elevation bar than conventional target sights.


UPGRADED X-LOCK SYSTEM - Adjustable, .zero-tolerance fit between the windage unit and sight frame. Super-slick and durable polyacetal resin guide spacers enclose the elevation rail, re-adjustable at the turn of a set screw. All parts field-adjustable and replaceable!


CUTTING- EDGE TECHNOLOGY FOR DEPENDABLE ADJU5TMENTS - The new UItIma CPX features upgraded lock down bolts for 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment, as well as rugged washers to lock them firmly in place.

All aluminium sight parts are machined in Japan under strictest quality control.

Please Note: Scope Not Included.

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Size 6"

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