W&W WiaWis Nano Max Riser

W&W WiaWis Nano Max Riser

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Developed using WIN&WIN's carbon technology that absorbs shock and minimizes movemnet to make shooting more accurate and stable.

W&W WIAWIS NANO MAX has moved 30% more weight the the frontside of the grip to reduce movement and vibration from the shot.

WIAWIS NANO MAX shows how important weight and balance on the riser is for stable shooting. 

WIN&WIN proved the excellent performance of Nano carbon through the present range of WIN&WIN limbs.

WIAWIS NANO MAX riser adapted Nano carbon technology as the world first !

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  • 25 (1320g) or 27 inches (1370g)
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  • RH / LH
  • ,
  • RH only for the 27 inches version
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  • Carbon Graphite / Nano Carbon
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  • Colors: (two-tones painted) black+yellow, black+orange, black+red, black+blue, black+pink, white+green, white+pink

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