W&W WiaWis Nano TFT Riser

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Wiawis Nano TFT

Leading innovation

The brand new WIAWIS NANO TFT riser takes a new step forward in Win&Win's nano carbon technology. The Nano TFT has a special H-BEAM shaped frame inside the carbon body which helps eliminate torque.

This increased rigidity through the sight window of the riser which also improving riser performance. 

W&W analysed the forces the bow experiences during the shot and added the H-Beam 'Torque Free System' to minimize torque at the moment of shooting.

TFS is...

  • increasing rigidity at the sight window. This reduces torque and vibration while also increasing stability during the shot. We tested these characteristics against other risers. 
  • W&W balanced the shock evenly over the whole riser to optimise the performance of the NANO TFT.

Technical specifications

  • 25 inches
  • Carbon graphite / Nano carbon
  • 1280g
  • RH/LH
  • Available colors: carbon black glossy, carbon black matt, titanium gray matt, dark red glossy, dark blue glossy, white glossy.
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