Griffin X-39 Compound Bow with AZ Cam

Griffin X-39 Compound Bow with AZ Cam

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The Griffin X compound bow has the sight window reinforced by a Graphene "EX Supporter".

It decreases shooting shock and vibration transferred to a handle at the moment of shooting by approximately 20% compared to ordinary compound bows and increases accuracy and stability.

In addition, bidrectional 45 degree holes on the surface prevent twisting and provide more shooting stability by reducing bow torque and improving the overall balance of the riser during shooting.

Available also in 37 ATA, click HERE.

For Griffin X 39:

A2A: 39

IBO Speed: 323fps (with AZ1 cam)

Mass weight:  4.96lbs / 2.25 Kg

Brace Height: 7 3/4"

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