Specialist II 2020 - Bowtech

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No other platform puts more tournament-dominating accuracy and consistency in the hands of aspiring archers than the new Specialist II. Its simple-to-tune Binary Cam system keeps cams perfectly synchronized for optimum nock travel. While its extended 38” axle-to-axle length and forgiving 7 1/8” brace height make next-level precision more attainable than ever before.

Binary Cam System
Engineered with two perfectly symmetrical cams slaved together, our Binary Cam system delivers laser-straight nock travel because the cams always turn in perfect synchronization. The result is X-cutting accuracy and tuning you can set and forget. It’s simply one of the most reliable and consistent cam systems on the market today.

Rotating Modules
No new cams, modules or other parts are required to set your draw length. Module screws can simply be removed, rotated and re-tightened. It’s just that quick and easy to adjust draw length on the new Specialist II as it is on all Bowtech bows.

Orbit Dampener
Dial in the perfect balance as you add new accessories. The Bowtech Orbit Dampener also reduces vibration for even more accuracy and consistency.

Clutch Performance Grip
The most comfortable modular grips on the market are engineered to reduce torque while increasing comfort. Our low-profile Clutch grip comes standard. The Clutch Control grip is available for purchase separately. Both grips are available in 4 popular colors.


  • Axel to Axel 38"
  • Brace Height 7 1/8"
  • IBO Speed 322 FPS
  • Draw Length 23" - 32.5"
  • Mass Weight 4.5lb
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