Axcel Accuview AV31 Scope

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See HERE for further information from the manufacturer about the AV31 range.

There are two models available in the Accuview AV31 scope:

  • Accuview AV31 Scope
  • Accuview AV31 Plus Scope

Other colours than those shown may be available, please contact us in advance of ordering if you would like to enquire about other colours.

BOTH OF THESE SCOPES ARE SUPPLIED WITHOUT A LENS.  Please contact us if you need any advice finding a lens.

The model on view here is the simpler, AV31 Accuview scope. It featres the same 10-32 bow fittings and the same 31mm housing as the plus model, including an inner mounted sight bubble.  There are a number of accessories that can be purchased to use with this scope.  These include:

  • AV31 Rheostat cover
  • AV31 Torque Indicator
  • Sunshade for AV31 Accuview

Some of the accessories above are included within the Accuview AV-31 Plus model.  Please see separate description for further information about this.

Please note that use of the sun shade requires a torque indicator, so if you are purchasing the standard model (this one), and you wish to use the sun shade, you will also need to purchae a torque indicator separately.  The torque indicator is included in the "AV31 Plus" model.


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