Shibuya Ultima CPX Pro 400 6" Carbon

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Shibuya Ultima CPX Pro 400 6" Carbon

  • Proven features from the Ultima CPX series, combined with the brand new Polygonal Carbon Extension achieve a brand-new rock solid, dead quiet sight experience!
  • The polygonal extension shape, combined with high modulus carbon material, eliminates 80% of initial shot vibration.
  • For the first time in Ultima history, a front detach block.
  • The detach mechanism is comprised of two “teeth” featuring a polygonal dovetail, holding the windage unit perfectly tight from both sides.
  • Laser-engraved sight mark plates, which can be mounted in recessed slots on both sides of the 4” elevation bar.
  • 15 scales and one blank plate are included with each Ultima CP Pro.#

Note: Black usually available from stock, Other options may be a special order.

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