Spectra 652 String 68" - Nitro

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NItro Custom Spectra (652) strings are ideal for your metal/carbon risers and all high performance bows.


Spectra 652 (The same as Fastflight) is one of the most popular recurve string materials.  It's manufactured from Dyneema, which gives minimal creep, superior strength and durability. .015 diameter.

All of our Spectra 652 strings are made with 18 strands, top and bottom served with BCY2X serving and with BCY 62XS centre serving.  For this product, you can select between either Black, White or Black & White for your colour of string. 



  • This string is for a 68" bow only.
  • The length (68") is not the absolulte string length.
  • All our high performance recurve strings are served for a small groove G nock fitting unless otherwise requested.
  • When ordering your string please order the STRING for your BOW LENGTH only

If you have a custom length bowstring please add your EXACT string length required to the comments box on checkout and we will try and match your string specifications.

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Colour Black

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