Nitro Compound Strings

Information regarding current string terminology.
We have noticed over the last few months that many manufacturers are using different terminology for their string sets. We would like to clarify the current system.

2 Piece System (Solo or Single cam); This system uses two (2) parts, 
1 x String, 1x Control Cable.

3 Piece System (Dual or Binary cam); This system uses three (3) parts.
1 x String, 2 x Control Cables.

5 Piece System (PSE or Mathews); This system uses five (5) parts.
1 x String, 2 x Control Cables, 2 x Yokes.

7 Piece System (Prime); This system uses seven (7) parts.
1 x String, 4 x Control Cables, 2 x Yoke.

If you have any questions or are unsure of your exact specifiation please via our easy contact form HERE or drop us an email at with the subject Nitro Strings Enquiry.

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